Who is IMI?

The creation of this new company is the result of an open brief from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust to improve the patient environment and deliver ultra efficient lighting.

A number of demo units have been installed including a single unit at the BRE innovation park in Watford. A number of Trusts have reviewed the demo units and provided feedback which has shaped the development of the product. The first live installation was at Newham Hospital which is part of the Barts Health NHS Trust.

Barts Health NHS Trust

The IMI POD (TM) was installed at Barts NHS Health Trust in November 2012. After 12 months of operation Trevor Payne (Director of Estates & Facilities) provided the following feedback.

"The Integrated Medical Interiors Pod (IMI Pod) was installed for Barts NHS Health Trust in Newham University Hospital in November 2012, under a trial with BSI. The IMI Pod is an off-site, fabricated, modular storage and lighting system designed to improve energy efficiency and the patient experience while in hospital. The IMI Pod at Newham was expertly installed in less than one day, with all dust, noise and smell control measures put in place to minimise the effect on other patients and staff. The IMI Pod is easy to clean, robust and offers a range of alternative designs to suit specific needs. At Barts NHS Health Trust, we are very pleased with the IMI Pod, including installation, operational and patient aspects"

Modular assembly allows for flexible ward configurations

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