Contractor Benefits

  • The healthcare pod is manufactured off-site and IMI will co-ordinate the supply chain and manufacturing of the complete patient environment.
  • The design can be configured in many ways; either 2,3 or 4 multi-bed wards or as a single bed ward.
  • Reduced installation time compared with a traditional build.
  • Reduced number of trades required on site compared with traditional build.
  • Medical and electrical components are pre-installed and pre-wired with a single connection position provided for the M&E contractor.
  • The integrated lighting, lighting control and nurse call system arrives pre-installed and pre-commissioned.
  • The amount of site generated waste material is reduced.
  • IMI have selected components and products, which have a low CO2 impact in their construction and can be recycled at the end of their life.

Hospital and Patient Benefits

  • The lighting design, luminaires and lighting control deliver significant energy savings over a traditional ward design at Rotherham NHSFT, approximately 30%.
  • The luminaires, lamp and control gear deliver considerable maintenance savings of approximately 80% compared with an existing installation at Rotherham NHSFT.
  • Reduced ward downtime through a faster construction and commissioning.

Patient Benefits

  • The patient environment design reduces anxiety through its visual appearance. The angled bed feature removes the feeling of being watched and encourages the patient to look out of the ward to the outside.
  • The lighting design, luminaires and controls operate automatically through the day to improve the visual ambience and save energy where daylight is available.
  • The patient has full control to select various lighting scenes.
  • Each patient environment has storage integrated into the design. Three fixed storage units are provided for space for linen, medicine and the visitor chairs.
  • A mobile storage unit is available which can be recessed away into the pod.

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